19 December 2010


It’s the time to greet all my family members, relatives, friends, colleagues and others who we never met before but they have gave us a big support during The Lokes’s toughest days.


Kai Xin is growing up as a normal kid, eat-play-sleep. Nowadays, she has another role in our family “housekeeping commander”, she always ask us to clean up the dishes after eat; require everything has to be tidy up like clothes, toys la and etc; sometimes she will use her face towel to start cleaning the floor, sofa, and her toys.

You all try to guess what is her favorite cartoon lately? Last time is Pink Panther, then Mickey Mouse … now is Elmo’s World by Sesame Street. She will not miss out every Sat and Sun 8.00am show on Astro Channel 613. Although it has been repeat few times on the channel, but she still love it very much. We have bought Elmo’s bottle, book, sticker and lanyard, but not the Elmo’s doll lo (because it’s too expensive).

In last two month, we have travelled to NUH often due to Kai Xin’s liver enzymes were abnormal. After several checkups and doctor has prescribed a steroid for her to take, finally her liver enzymes back to normal level. We have to say big thank you to the Prof. in NUH because of his experience, decision and immediate action that he has taken to treat Kai Xin.

Last and not least, we would like to share the latest photo that we taken from Kai Xin with all of you.

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