03 July 2009

We Have Met The Target!

Thank you! Thank you!

My family and I would like to say a big heartfelt thank you to all of you for your kind contribution and emotional support.

We are very grateful and relived to be able to announce that the funds raised through Yayasan Sin Chew, China Press, The Star and a large part of your donations to Kai Xin's account HAVE MET the target.

We are all very grateful to all of you who have contributed to make Kai Xin's liver transplant possible. Thank you so much. We should be getting the funds by next week to pay the deposit to NUH so that the transplant can go ahead.

While the cost of the liver transplant is now taken care of, our prayers and hope are for our little Kai Xin to have a successful operation. We cherish your prayers still.

At the moment, Kai Xin's condition is stable and she is not losing her weight. Yesterday, the doctor here changed her milk formula to another brand and so far Kai Xin has accepted the milk and could tolerate it. In the meantime, we are attempting to have Kai Xin put on some weight whilst waiting for the transplant date to be set. Huey Jing have to go through some counseling sessions and next week she will be interviewed by a Transplant Ethical Committee next week - these are the normal procedures to ensure that the donor is ready to donate the liver.

Thank you all once again for your generous donation and support, at least one part of the hurdle is surpassed and though there may be more as we go on , we know we can continue with your prayers and support.

Yayasan Sin Chew have published about it on Wednesday.

We apologise for not able to update here on a daily basis but we will try to make it as often as we could from the hospital.

May you all be well and happy.


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Florence on 03 July, 2009 12:33 said...

Hi Lokes,

Praise God!

With all the prayers intercedes for Kai Xin, please be rest assured that everything is in the safe hands of the Almighty. I'm so overjoyed to hear the good news today and I believe more good news are to come.

God bless!!!!

Bob on 03 July, 2009 14:10 said...

Like to donate with my wife but found out that you have met the target.

Thank God, one major hurdle settled.

We will pray for speedy recovery of ur adorable baby.

Take care, God bless!

allern on 03 July, 2009 14:38 said...

Hi Erics, nice to hear that Kai Xin's condition is stable, hope she get well soon.

Baby Sasha N Mom on 03 July, 2009 15:29 said...

Hi Kai Xin's Parent,

Yesterday my hub saw Kai Xin blog and read about her illness and he thought of collecting some donations from his colleagues by tomorrow. Is really sorry we are late.

Anyway, we are glad to hear that Kai Xin's can go ahead with the operations. We are praying for her and god bless her. We hope to see her cutie pie face on your blog soon after the operation.

Take care..:)

Baby Sasha N Mom on 03 July, 2009 15:35 said...

Hi Kai Xin's Parents,

Sorry we are late for the donations. We are praying hard for Kai Xin's and hope to see her cutie pie face on your blog soon after her operation.

If you don't mind, I thought of giving her a small gift as our support for her since we are late for the donation. Pls email me at brenda@babysashanmom.com if you are fine with it.


cynselfblog on 03 July, 2009 16:31 said...

Praise GOD! and such a good news on the early 2nd half of the year.. may the coming months be receiving good news about Kai Xin condition.

May GOD bless all... :)

The Lokes on 03 July, 2009 17:09 said...

Thank you Florence, Bob, Allern, Baby Sasha n Mom and cynselfblog.

It's an amazing feat to be able to do this all within one month!

Fiona on 03 July, 2009 22:28 said...

Feels like crying when I read about Kai Xin yesterday because I have a nephew of the same age. If anything happens to him, I think I would die too. Was going to give my donation too but when I read back the blog today, I found that the target has already been met. May God continue to bless and care for your little bundle of joy.

James on 03 July, 2009 23:30 said...

Great! So happy for you :D
1 lucky baby!

BBsuperstar on 04 July, 2009 01:12 said...

Hope Ka Xin will recover soon...praying for her!

Beary on 04 July, 2009 11:03 said...

Dear Lokes

I happened to read about Kai Xin's condition today in a forum and I know it's too late for the donation. I will pray for Kai Xin speedy recovery.

My heart aches seeing her condition but am sure this wont last long as she'll be a healthy girl very soon.

God bless.

jon on 05 July, 2009 10:32 said...

Dear Eric & Huey Jing,
We are sooo happy that the targetted amount has been met and Kai Xin can proceed with the transplant! We're almost brimming with tears now. If your admin team can spare the time, please continue to keep us updated on every little progress for Kai Xin because we are so so worried and concerned for this little baby.

Kai Xin, jia you! There are a lot of mummies in Singapore praying for you! You will get well!

Lots of Love and Hugs from everyone of us!

frank on 05 July, 2009 16:03 said...

I'm late, but glad to hear that Kai Xin is getting good and ... the fund for op is reached! May god bless Kai Xin for coming transplant Op ...

Johnny Ong on 05 July, 2009 16:22 said...

can understand yr concerns and worries but someone up there is always listening to your pleas. stay strong!

The Lokes on 06 July, 2009 12:03 said...

Thank you all. Yes we will continue to update on Kai Xin's progress. Just check back on this blog.

Eed Idris on 06 July, 2009 12:41 said...

The account appeared another name, can the chq under Kai Xin's name be bank in?

YEN LIAN on 07 July, 2009 00:29 said...

She has the blessing to get well soon

The Lokes on 07 July, 2009 12:15 said...

Thank you Eed Idris, yes as all Children Savings Account have to be a joint account with the guardian. The name you saw is her mummy, Lee Huey Jing.

Thanks Yen Lian

The Lokes on 08 July, 2009 11:04 said...

Sorry that we have deleted a couple of comments accidently, here they are:

From Wai Ling:
Hello Kai Xin, hope you are doing fine.
Wishing you a speedy recovery.
sorry that I could not bank in the money on time as I was waiting for a few friends, it is not a big amount tho (RM410) but a little something to help ease off some of the nitty gritty expenses. I have banked into 114013213313 yesterday. It is great to know that the targetted funds has already been met...All the very best to Kai Xin and to both Eric & Huey Jing take care too, warmest regards, Wai Ling & friends

From Ee Teng:

Hi Kai Xin’s parents,

Sorry for being late, I want to make a donation to Baby Kai Xin by this evening; total RM150.
A little note to baby Kai Xin: Hi little angel, God will be at your side during surgery and we wish you recover faster and in good health like other children…

Best regards,
Dann & Elaine, Christine, Angie & Sharon

Thank you so much Wai Ling & Ee Teng

Jennifer on 08 July, 2009 14:03 said...

Dear Eric & Huey Jing,

I'm glad that the targetted funds has been met. Although I only receive the email about Kai Xin from a friend today but yet I have transferred a small sum to your account. My little contribution.

May God bless Kar Xin and mum for a successful operation...


wendy on 08 July, 2009 16:51 said...

Jz received a forward mail from my friend...
DO u still accept for the donation?
Anyway,God may bless Kai Xin and i wish Kai xin will recover soon and have a good health...

The Lokes on 09 July, 2009 12:08 said...

Thank you Jennifer

Wendy, we don't mind accepting as long as you don't mind doing it. Thanks for your wishes.


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