24 July 2009

Kai Xin as of 23 July 2009

Huey Jing has been discharged on Wednesday and Kai Xin's condition is improving.

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Lily on 24 July, 2009 23:29 said...

good news good news ! I shall inform to everyone I know. :)

~ Liew

The Lokes on 27 July, 2009 12:05 said...

:-) thank you Lily

Ko-chi Wai on 28 July, 2009 17:51 said...

if there are excess fund from the public's donation, could you all use the fund to help this toddler as well?


The Lokes on 29 July, 2009 11:45 said...

Hi Ko-chi Wai,

We tried to look for your email in your blog but there is none. Based on the link you've posted, this post was done way back in 2007. Do you have the latest details?

Please understand that the donations for Kai Xin is moderated by Yayasan Sin Chew, so you'll need to put forward your request to Yayasan Sin Chew.

Thank you.


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