08 July 2009

Kai Xin as of 8 July 2009

The pediatric surgeon visited Kai Xin yesterday and mentioned that the transplant can go ahead but then need to settle her fever first. The pediatric surgeon is a very busy person and have transplant scheduled on a weekly basis. Hence there is no date scheduled for Kai Xin as yet. Since Kai Xin and Huey Jing are in Singapore now, preparing and scheduling for the transplant would be easier. Since Kai Xin is well taken care of, we supposed a little wait should be all right, moreover it will give her opportunity to put on more weight.

She was fussing a little cause 3 teeth are coming out at the same time, despite all these Eric said she managed to smile this week. It has been a long time since she last smile according to him.

Kai Xin is a real fighter indeed!

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Cynthia on 08 July, 2009 12:45 said...

Go ahead with the fight, Kai Xin! and GOD will bless you with the bravery fighting spirit! :) Smile, and the whole world smile with you!

Lily on 08 July, 2009 13:37 said...

Little KaiXin is really a tough girl.
Yes, a little more time for little KaiXin to gain more weight & steady to go for the operation would be good too.
Kai Xin jia you !
~ auntie Liew

puayaun on 08 July, 2009 17:58 said...

Hi Eric, Huey Jing,

Glad that things are going well and hope things will continue going well for you both & Kai Xin. Will pray for you all to the very end.

Puay Aun & family...

Wai See on 08 July, 2009 18:45 said...

Kai Xin smile must be very sweet.

The Lokes on 09 July, 2009 12:07 said...

Thank you Cynthia, Lily, Puay Aun and Wai See

Baby Sasha N Mom on 09 July, 2009 13:52 said...

Oh! is great to hear that. I think her smile melts everyone heart. No worry, Kai Xin's parents coz ur lil girl is strong & she's ready for the operation anytime. Teething will make babies uneasy but it will goes off very fast, just give her lots lots of hugs.

The Lokes on 10 July, 2009 11:05 said...

Thank you Baby Sasha and Mom ;-)


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