27 July 2009

Kai Xin as of 27 July 2009

Message from Huey Jing:

I'm fine, recovering but very painful. Not easy to sleep cos having stiff shoulder and muscular ache. Going for post operation check-up today. Kai Xin is still in ICU, I'll be visiting her today. Eric is with her 24x7. Will update more once I'm back from the hospital. Have a nice day! Many thanks to everyone.

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Lily on 27 July, 2009 15:08 said...

Good to hear from your news. It must be very painful... can't imagine totally but can tell since it is such a critical operation you both went through.
Is Little Kaixin going well too ? Hope she can discharge soon from ICU.

~ Liew

Lily on 27 July, 2009 18:02 said...

Hi Hueyjing,
As I saud I am staying in Johore, my house to NUH just within an hour.
If you need any help (even accomodation) do let me know.

~ Liew

The Lokes on 29 July, 2009 10:19 said...

Hi Lily, will be updating the blog today with more details. thanks.


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