29 July 2009

Kai Xin as of 28 July 2009

Update from Eric:

Kai Xin is still staying in the ICU. The reason she needed to stay so long in the ICU is because her lungs are weak after the operation. Her lungs were the primary concern of the surgical team and it is also as expected. After long hours of operation, usually the lungs will need to take time to recover especially the breathing part. Since Kai Xin is still young, she needed the ventilator machine to support her so that there is enough oxygen and pressure for her lungs to expand.

Kai Xin's development is very good, she is a true fighter. Yesterday, the ventilator machine support is removed, x-ray was done after that. Her lungs are better as compare to previously.

As for her liver, the last few days, her liver function test showed her new liver is functioning well, bile flow and blood circulation are also good. Kai Xin has strived through the 1st critical period (Doctor told us there are 3 periods that are very important to her, first week after operation, first month after operation, and first year after operation. Her condition will considered to be stable if she can pass these 3 critical periods.). Her jaundice level had came down 50% within the week and her abdomen is much smaller as compared to pre-operation.

Regarding her feeding, she was fed with milk few days ago. On the first day after the operation, they gave her glucose water, but the digestion was not too good. However, the next few days onwards, her digestion got better. So they decided to give the milk feeding. At this moment, she is still using the Nasogastric feeding tube. This morning, the Doctor told me that she has to start to take her food orally which is excellent as this will be another great big move, I am wishing her Nasogastric tube can be removed ASAP.

The rest like passing motion and urine are also good. She is getting very conscious now especially when the medical team touches her, she will begin to cry.

Now, the physiotherapist said she has to cough and cry more to improve her lungs.

Last but not least, thank you everyone for the well wishes and support.

Eric Loke

Update from Huey Jing:

I am fine and resting well at home. I went to the hospital for post operation check-up on Monday. My blood result looked fine with good improvement and my liver is recovering well. I managed to wake up from bed this morning without my mum's assistant. My wound is about 11.3 inches long and I feel better now, not as painful as before. I've stopped applying pain killer medicine.

Eric just told me this morning, little Kai Xin smiled at him today after so many days in pain. Daddy is very happy. Indeed, Kai Xin is a fighter!

We will continue stay strong with all the prayers and supports from everyone.

Once again thank you very much from us.

Warmest Regards,
Huey Jing


Lily on 29 July, 2009 13:41 said...

Such a great news ! 3 fighters in a family. :)Yes, do take good care of her lungs, it is good too with intensive care in ICU at this moment.
Ya... wish the tube can be removed too, it should be very uncomfortable to Kaixin.

Take care Little Kaixin, Hueyjing & Eric.

~ Liew

The Lokes on 30 July, 2009 15:26 said...

Thank you for all your support Lily

Lily on 30 July, 2009 17:35 said...

In fact, I should say thanks to you guys that impressed me so much.
I always "lecture" my son (even though he is only one yr-old :p), ask him don't be manja-manja, be Kaixin mei mei so strong & tough. :)

~ Liew

jon on 31 July, 2009 00:55 said...

We really love to hear that little Kai Xin is smiling again. She really deserves to be smiling and laughing like any other babies. We'll pray that she will recover very soon and please continue to keep us updated on her well-being.

Baby Kai Xin, jia you!

princesspeggy on 31 July, 2009 10:45 said...

Dear Eric and huey jing,

辛苦你们了, HUEY JING 真的很伟大. 也很心痛凯欣,这么小就面对这么大的手术,她真的很勇敢. 凯欣和 HUEY JING一定很快康复的. 原本打算 7/8 月带我两个宝贝去 SINGAPORE 旅行, 可以顺便探访凯欣和 HUEY JING, 但因为现在 A(H1N1) 太可怕了, 所以取消旅行. 我买了小礼物打算送给凯欣, 如果有机会, 我想送给她, 当着奖励. 我每天都为凯欣和 HUEY JING 祈祷, 你们一定很快康复..加油

celia on 31 July, 2009 12:16 said...

The Lokes, Keep up the fighting spirit. Get well soon and be strong.

Allow me to write the following:
On 29 Jul 2009 I received a cheque from a generous donor Mr Goh Kien Kok of Seremban. He did not provide his contact, and the cheque was issued under my name being donation for little Kai Xin. I have issue a cheque with the same amount and bank-in into Kai Xin's Maybank account yesterday. TQ for your kindness. God bless.

The Lokes on 31 July, 2009 15:17 said...

Lily, hahaha ok it's mutual then

Thank you so much Jon & Celia

princesspeggy, appreciated your kind thoughts. hopefully we can be back in KL soon but we're not sure when at the moment


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