17 March 2014

Please help Elynna Cheah

It’s 2014. Chinese New Year festive has just gone not so far, and we just stepped into month of March. 12 Mar afternoon, I have received a call from a mother (who got my mobile no. from her facebook’s friend) said that her daughter was diagnosed Biliary Atresia and failed Kasai operation and need to carry out liver transplant as soon as possible. It is very unfortunate to hear this kind of news and I had tried my best to help and share with her on how she and her husband can reach the “destination” (liver transplant to save her baby girl ‘Elynna Cheah’).

Well, at this stage fund and spirit support is very important for the family to ride thru and over this storm.

Fund, they are soliciting the fund from public through newspaper (China Press and Nanyang Press already released the news during last weekend). It is a positive move and good start for the journey.

Secondly, spirit support from family, relatives, friends and those anonymous who will soon become friends. No matter is Chinese, Indian, Malay and other races, they are willing to help out in various ways such as fund donation, diet supplement donation, and even pray for you with their own religious and so on.

This again will show us the kind of human beings. At here, The Lokes family wish Elynna Cheah get well soon and Kai Xin’s motto “Never give up, miracle is always there”.

You may read more about Elynna Cheah on her blog http://elynna2509.blogspot.com/.

踏入2014,很快地春节已静悄悄的溜走了。3月12 的中午,我接到了一通电话,电话的一端是一位身为人母的妈妈述说她女儿患上了胆道闭锁症和在60天内做了胆管引导手术失败以导致如今胆红素(人称黄)上升。孩子名谢琬雯将近6个月大,医生已检查孩子的肝已逐渐硬化了,功能不好也令其腹水滞留在身上。





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22 November 2013


Almost two years The Lokes never update this blog.

First of all, Kai Xin is grow up well and she has gone through many round of treatments after liver transplant done in 2009 i.e. rejection treatments; viral infection treatments; stent removal procedure in year 2012; biliary stone removal in year 2013. Every treatment on her, she grown stronger and braver than previous. Nevertheless, the parents also turned those obstacle force become our motivating force.

We learn, experience and face the reality, from here we use a philosophy to educate Kai Xin along her growing journey, never afraid, "face it - accept it - solve it - release it".  
Year 2013, Kai Xin started her kindergarden school life, at first the parents had to accompanied her and she kept looking around. Come to end of the year, now she can write, read, paint, draw, sing, dance on the stage in school performance day, play and 'ket poh' with her friends in school. She is consider smallest size within her age group in school however she is the bravest and loudest in school.

Yi Xuan's birthday
Well, we thank you all the people who support us before in making this miracle happened and we will continue to share our experience to those biliary atresia child and those who need to undergo liver transplant operation.

Never give up, miracle is always there.










Best Regards
The Lokes
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04 February 2011

Gong Xi Fatt Cai & Happy Holiday

Wishing everyone a Fortune Lunar New Year! May the year of this Golden Rabbit brings you greater success, luck, joy, health and prosperity!

祝各位新年快乐,万事如意,身体健康。 恭贺新禧!兔年吉祥开心!

The Lokes Family

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19 December 2010


It’s the time to greet all my family members, relatives, friends, colleagues and others who we never met before but they have gave us a big support during The Lokes’s toughest days.


Kai Xin is growing up as a normal kid, eat-play-sleep. Nowadays, she has another role in our family “housekeeping commander”, she always ask us to clean up the dishes after eat; require everything has to be tidy up like clothes, toys la and etc; sometimes she will use her face towel to start cleaning the floor, sofa, and her toys.

You all try to guess what is her favorite cartoon lately? Last time is Pink Panther, then Mickey Mouse … now is Elmo’s World by Sesame Street. She will not miss out every Sat and Sun 8.00am show on Astro Channel 613. Although it has been repeat few times on the channel, but she still love it very much. We have bought Elmo’s bottle, book, sticker and lanyard, but not the Elmo’s doll lo (because it’s too expensive).

In last two month, we have travelled to NUH often due to Kai Xin’s liver enzymes were abnormal. After several checkups and doctor has prescribed a steroid for her to take, finally her liver enzymes back to normal level. We have to say big thank you to the Prof. in NUH because of his experience, decision and immediate action that he has taken to treat Kai Xin.

Last and not least, we would like to share the latest photo that we taken from Kai Xin with all of you.

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31 October 2010

Kai Xin is TWO!

Once a year there is a very special day, 22 Oct is the Kai Xin's precious day...

Time fly very fast, Kai Xin is TWO!

She has received many many gifts, presents and great wishes from families, relatives and friends...

We have organized a small and warm birthday celebration party cum families gathering on last Sunday (Her actual birthday is on 22 Oct 2010).

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Kai Xin Transplanted 1 Year (YEAH...)

It has been few months The Lokes didn’t update the blog, because daddy and mummy are very busy working in day time and taking care Kai Xin in the night time.

Flash back to the month of July, Kai Xin was admitted NUH to undergo PTC (Percutaneous Transhepatic Cholangiogram) procedure for stent removal. The reason to carry out the procedure is Kai Xin was developed few episode of fever on and off in past few months. Therefore, the surgical team suspected the stent was placed between common bile duct and intestine which caused the fever (a foreign body in human body for certain of period may cause viral or bacterial infection). Furthermore, this stent position is also very sensitive and critical because it’s at the connection for bile flow.

On PTC day, Prof, radiologist and doctors were prepared for the procedure in the early morning. We were accompanied Kai Xin till the procedure room. Wao, the room is extremely cool. At that time, Kai Xin was quite sleepy because doctor has given her sedation with oral medicine. The procedure started 8.30 in the morning. Fortunately, after an hour time the surgeon told us that the stent position is not in critical position and it was move into intestine route. The stent will not come out because it has moved to the intestine deadlock position. Most importantly, it wouldn’t implicate the liver normal function for future times. Again, it makes us happy and feel released after we heard that.

Other than this, Kai Xin is having a good development like crawling, standing with support, but she still feel lazy to walk and very nervous in any actions. On her medicine wise, she is now only consuming one anti-rejection medicine (Tacrolimus) with low dosage compare to early time.

Thank you again for all the family members, relatives, colleagues and friends who give prays and support to her all the times.
Time fly, she already underwent transplant for more than 1 year lol (Hoooray)…..

(This update suppose to be posted on 19 Jul 2010, because daddy and mummy are too busy)

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07 March 2010

Kai Xin's Latest in Sin Chew Jit Poh's Metro Edition




小凱欣在出世110天就被證實患上天性膽管阻塞(biliary atresia),並通過星洲日報基金籌募50萬令吉的醫藥費到新加坡進行肝臟移植手術。

















面對母女生離死別考驗, 生命中最長的一天




























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