22 November 2013


Almost two years The Lokes never update this blog.

First of all, Kai Xin is grow up well and she has gone through many round of treatments after liver transplant done in 2009 i.e. rejection treatments; viral infection treatments; stent removal procedure in year 2012; biliary stone removal in year 2013. Every treatment on her, she grown stronger and braver than previous. Nevertheless, the parents also turned those obstacle force become our motivating force.

We learn, experience and face the reality, from here we use a philosophy to educate Kai Xin along her growing journey, never afraid, "face it - accept it - solve it - release it".  
Year 2013, Kai Xin started her kindergarden school life, at first the parents had to accompanied her and she kept looking around. Come to end of the year, now she can write, read, paint, draw, sing, dance on the stage in school performance day, play and 'ket poh' with her friends in school. She is consider smallest size within her age group in school however she is the bravest and loudest in school.

Yi Xuan's birthday
Well, we thank you all the people who support us before in making this miracle happened and we will continue to share our experience to those biliary atresia child and those who need to undergo liver transplant operation.

Never give up, miracle is always there.










Best Regards
The Lokes
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Lily Liew on 22 November, 2013 14:59 said...

Wish kaixin well and happy ^^

The Lokes on 22 November, 2013 17:07 said...

Thank you, Lily.

Ling Tsui Hua on 22 November, 2013 21:59 said...

It was just like yesterday the hardship happened. But thru it, everyone learnt and grew, especially the parents. Thru this too, we learnt why humanity and compassion is ever needed in mankind to help and support each other in hard times. We have seen how little Kai Xin came thru a long and painful way and yet grew too be such a strong and cheerful girl. Miracle does exist with the existence of love and compassion! Good job Kai Xin's daddy and mommy! May all be well and happy always.

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