31 October 2010

Kai Xin Transplanted 1 Year (YEAH...)

It has been few months The Lokes didn’t update the blog, because daddy and mummy are very busy working in day time and taking care Kai Xin in the night time.

Flash back to the month of July, Kai Xin was admitted NUH to undergo PTC (Percutaneous Transhepatic Cholangiogram) procedure for stent removal. The reason to carry out the procedure is Kai Xin was developed few episode of fever on and off in past few months. Therefore, the surgical team suspected the stent was placed between common bile duct and intestine which caused the fever (a foreign body in human body for certain of period may cause viral or bacterial infection). Furthermore, this stent position is also very sensitive and critical because it’s at the connection for bile flow.

On PTC day, Prof, radiologist and doctors were prepared for the procedure in the early morning. We were accompanied Kai Xin till the procedure room. Wao, the room is extremely cool. At that time, Kai Xin was quite sleepy because doctor has given her sedation with oral medicine. The procedure started 8.30 in the morning. Fortunately, after an hour time the surgeon told us that the stent position is not in critical position and it was move into intestine route. The stent will not come out because it has moved to the intestine deadlock position. Most importantly, it wouldn’t implicate the liver normal function for future times. Again, it makes us happy and feel released after we heard that.

Other than this, Kai Xin is having a good development like crawling, standing with support, but she still feel lazy to walk and very nervous in any actions. On her medicine wise, she is now only consuming one anti-rejection medicine (Tacrolimus) with low dosage compare to early time.

Thank you again for all the family members, relatives, colleagues and friends who give prays and support to her all the times.
Time fly, she already underwent transplant for more than 1 year lol (Hoooray)…..

(This update suppose to be posted on 19 Jul 2010, because daddy and mummy are too busy)

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