10 July 2009

Transplant Date is Confirmed!

One of us was down in Singapore on Wednesday and paid a visit to Kai Xin. We were told she's very very cute and she's holding on great there. At the same time, one of the chief doctor came and informed them the tentative transplant date would be done next Wednesday.

It is with great joy to announce that Eric had updated us today that the transplant date is CONFIRMED to be on 15 July 2009 (next Wednesday)!!!

We rejoice to hear this and all these would not have been possible to achieve in such a short time without your generous donations, support and prayers.

The transplant will start off with Huey Jing which will last about 4 hours, before Kai Xin's turn for 12 hours. With these, we would pray for both of them for a successful transplant and we hope you would join us too in prayers.

Thank you very much on behalf of The Lokes.

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philcp on 10 July, 2009 22:29 said...

Great. Pray that everything goes well. Our prayers with you.

Lily on 13 July, 2009 00:37 said...

So so happy to hear that the date is confirmed, yes, is confirmed !
17 July is my son's one yr-old birthday, it would be definitely a good & lucky day (^_^)v.
12 hours is not easy, will pray hard for you, little Kaixin & Hueyling.

~ auntie Liew

The Lokes on 13 July, 2009 11:20 said...

Thank you philcp.

Lily, we wish your son lots of cuddles and hugs on his birthday!

Lily on 13 July, 2009 13:24 said...

aiya, typo.
my son's birthday is "15" July, Wednesday which is the same day with Kaixin's schedule :p


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