02 September 2009

Kai Xin as of 2 September 2009

Kai Xin had her first check up last week and everything was fine. She's gaining weight and eating well. She's also very active these days and able to turn her body now. Albeit a little low in protein, she's now being fed with more solids ie. porridge cooked with meat inside.

Eric has come back to KL and started working this week. Huey Jing is recovering well and still stays in Singapore until green light is given by Kai Xin's doctors. With them is Huey Jing's mother who is helping her to take care of Kai Xin and bringing them to the hospital for the weekly checkups.

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Lily on 02 September, 2009 13:17 said...

Good to know that everything is fine, hope Little Kaixin can crawls & walks soon.

~auntie Liew

Evan S. B. Wong on 03 September, 2009 10:52 said...


Hope everything is fine for her..

GOd bless!

The Lokes on 05 September, 2009 22:36 said...

Dear Lily & Evan, we're glad everything went well for Kai Xin and we continue to pray that she'll grow stronger and healthier.

Jackson Hoe on 06 September, 2009 12:01 said...

Nice to know that everyting is fine..

^ ^

The Lokes on 08 September, 2009 14:41 said...

Great feeling huh Jackson? We do too!

Lily on 16 September, 2009 08:36 said...

Hi Little Kaixin,
How are you ? :)

~ Auntie Liew

The Lokes on 17 September, 2009 09:48 said...

Hi Lily, Kai Xin is doing well. Thank you.


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