29 June 2009

Kai Xin as of 29 June 2009

We have received Eric's latest update late last night. Kai Xin had a safe journey of 3.5 hours to reach NUH, Singapore on 27 June 2009 (Sat). Eric mentioned that everything was smooth and went well during the journey.

On Day One, Kai Xin was admitted to High Dependency Unit (HDU). All conditions were under control and Kai Xin was well taken care of by the doctors and nurses.

The doctors assessed Kai Xin on the morning of Day Two and everything is well that she was transferred to the general ward which is a good sign. Apparently the authorities in Malaysia did a great job and prepared her well, of course together with all your well wishes cum prayers.

Ultra sound will be conducted on Kai Xin for further assessment and to settle down her fever, antibiotic treatment will be given (usually 2 - 3 times a week).

If everything is all right, the transplant will be carried out soon as Kai Xin's liver is not in favourable condition.

We have received requests asking for a daily update of the collection but we're afraid that we won't be able to do that at the moment as The Lokes are in NUH, Singapore now. We'll try to get the amount from Eric when possible. The transplant will go ahead as they're confident that the amount will be met with the attention given by the press and also your generous donations.

With our hands clasped and brought close to our hearts, on behalf of The Lokes, we thank you for your compassion and generosity.


Jean on 29 June, 2009 11:12 said...

I would like to know the latest update of the bb condition whenever you have one....
God Bless and hope she is strong to overcome this critical period.

MWJ Trading on 29 June, 2009 11:31 said...

Kai Xin,
Aunty wish you good luck in your transplant.


b3@N2311 on 29 June, 2009 16:36 said...

Initially When I received the email from a friend, I thought, 'another chain email?'!!! After going to the web site, I realised this is for real.

I have just transferred a small amount for Baby Kai Xin and I will definitely contribute more later. I will spread the word around so more caring people will respond accordingly.

I am sure Baby Kai Xin will recover fully with so many kind hearted people around, be it from donations, prayers etc etc....

Samantha Loh on 29 June, 2009 17:29 said...

Hi there,

I've tried to bank in $ into the account given but the teller told us that the account is "full"? We do not understand his meaning. Does baby Kai Xin still need the donation?

Dennis on 29 June, 2009 21:20 said...

Hi, how much money baby kai xin need?

Grimmie on 29 June, 2009 21:30 said...

3.5 hours from KL to spore .. wow that ambulance driver is f.a.s.t

all our thoughts are with you all, stay healthy and safe everyone :)

nsunjian@yahoo.com on 30 June, 2009 12:29 said...

Hi Lokes,

Is me, Annabelle Mummy. Is so good to hear from you and the condition of Kai Xin now.
God's hand is upon Kai Xin and Annabelle.
Annabelle from fail Kasai to Liver Transplant. From me suppose to be the donor to the dad to be the donor. The Journey was not easy.When I read Eric letter on waiting for Prof 'green light', the list of things have to prepare at the same time worrying for baby condition, I've been thru and I fully understand that.
Even now, Annabelle may develope some post transplant complication,but looking at her smile, and blessed to raise her till this stage,hearing her calling me "mummy", is all worth it!

Be strong and my prayer are with your family, the Lord heals!Take good care of yourself.
If you need to talk, I am just a phone call away.

Annabelle Lim Mummmy

The Lokes on 30 June, 2009 14:20 said...

Thanks Jean, subcribe to the RSS of this blog for the latest update

Thank you Candy, b3@N2311 & Grimmie

Samantha, the account is jammed out due to overwhelming transfer, you can read here http://kaixindevelopment.blogspot.com/2009/06/error-message-whilst-transfering-using.html. Pls try again.

Dennis, pls refer here http://kaixindevelopment.blogspot.com/2009/06/first-appeal-sent-out-by-our-ex.html

Thank you for all your support Annebelle's mummy

Swee Aun on 30 June, 2009 16:52 said...

I've just donated. To the Lokes, stay strong. Kai Xin needs nothing more than your love right now. Take care and my wishes goes to you.

Kenny on 30 June, 2009 21:27 said...

Dear Loke family,

Just transfered $ to the Maybank a/c on 30/06/09 @ 1924hrs, pls check. It's not much, but hope it helps.....

God bless baby Kai Xin & Loke family......

Warmest regards

Kenny Tan

The Lokes on 01 July, 2009 10:14 said...

Thank you Swee Aun & Kenny

Pony on 01 July, 2009 12:22 said...

if U use Maybank2U and face the same error above, just select the date of transfer to --> Future transfer date - for e.g. TOMORROW

I've tried and checked... It works!!!

The Lokes on 01 July, 2009 18:46 said...

Thanks for the info Pony ;-)

Christina on 03 July, 2009 11:44 said...

Hi Lokes,
Just donated a small amount $$ via ATM.
All the best & God Bless Baby Kai Xin.


The Lokes on 03 July, 2009 12:17 said...

Thank you Christina


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