06 October 2009

Kai Xin as of 6 October 2009

Kai Xin's appetite is getting better, she is willing to eat porridge even though milk is still her favourite "food". On the development wise, she can balance better these days while sitting on a baby walker. Her physical movement has improved due to more energy and stamina.

She is always happy and cheerful. Here are more Kai Xin's photo as per requests. Errr yes, she's bald cos we shaved her hair as she perspire a lot due to her activeness :D

Again we would love to thank you everyone who have helped us to make this possible. Without your help, seeing Kai Xin so cheerful now would not be possible. Perhaps attention can be shifted to assist Yen Kee now.

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karhoe on 06 October, 2009 18:41 said...


Thanks for posting up the link, however the link seems to be broken, not accessible.


Lily on 08 October, 2009 10:10 said...

Why botak.... ? Summer look ya, hehe... so funny but still CUTE ! So so good to see smiles & laughters from Kaixin ! Hen ke ai oh !

~ auntie Liew

Lily on 08 October, 2009 10:17 said...

Would gang up all my "hot blood" families & friends to help up Yankee. :)

~ auntie Liew

The Lokes on 09 October, 2009 10:29 said...

KarHoe, we put up and retracted the post cos we haven't verified it yet. btw the blog is down?

thanks lily


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