26 February 2010

Kai Xin as of 26 February 2010

Kai Xin has been discharged two days ago after 10 days of hospitalisation and antibiotic therapy was given. Yesterday, the doctor repeat the blood test and showed the liver enzymes are in normalising trend and diagnosed the fever was caused by viral infection.

During the 10 days of hospitalisation, Kai Xin has made a new friend namely 'Shuen Shuen'. She is 2 month younger than Kai Xin and also Biliary Atresia baby. She admitted to UM on the same day with Kai Xin due to fever caused by viral infection. She had succeed after Kasai procedure due to underwent the operation within 60 days (Golden period) after born. Shuen Shuen has to take few months to recover after the operation and now her jaundice is totally gone and liver is functioning well. Excellent!

Haha, she is more chubby than Kai Xin and very active and cheerful. Same, we will wish her and her family happy and healthy forver.

Also happened in CNY period, The Lokes has received a phone call from a friend who know few months ago. (The boy's mommy has learnt that Kai Xin has underwent liver transplant operation in NUH and would like to get more information about transplant for her son 'Ayden'). Ayden has just celebrated his 4th birthday last month. Ayden born with Alagille Syndrome which make him one very special baby in 100,000 births. Alagille Syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects the liver, heart, eyes and other systems of the body.

Recently, Ayden is warded in hospital as he fractured his left arm ulna and right leg femur. Same as Kai Xin last time, he also need to undergo the liver transplant operation as soon as possible. Now the family is appealing to all now, to help Pray for Ayden. For further details, please read here.

To family of Ayden, please to stay strong, never give up and miracle is always there.

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